Picture sharing platform Instagram is a type of name to find a friend and then search. It may seem annoying to many.

Finding friends is easy, Instagram has recently been added to the ‘name tag’. With this feature, many QR code scans can be easily found.

This tutorial describes how to use the Instagram name tag feature.

The Instagram App will have to be installed on the phone.

Then click on the profile icon in the bottom right.

Then the profile page will appear. Click on the three icon menu icon at the top of this page. Then a sidebar is displayed.

From there click on the option named ‘Nametag’.

A new page will be launched. This will show the user’s name tag.

If you want to find a friend through the name tag, click on the ‘Scan a Naminggag’ option below. Then the user’s instagram profile will appear when the camera is inserted with a nested tag to search. In this case, keep the name tag in advance.

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