Many times the Mac PC screen record is needed. Installing additional software is a time-consuming screen recording. So it may seem a bit annoying.

But if you know the strategy, the screen can also be recorded through the default video player software. This tutorial has shown how to work.

First, the QuickTime software will be launched from the Mac PC Launchpad.

Then, when the software is launched, click on the ‘File’ option from the menu at the upper left corner. From there you have to select ‘New Screen Recording’ option.

Then a new page will popup. Click the arrow button next to the round red icon and select the audio source.

If you want to record the screen with mouse click, click on the mouse mouse click on these options.

In the next step, clicking on the round red icon will start screen record.

When the record is finished, the QuickTime Player button will be pressed to the right of the Mac PC. Then the screen record will be closed. Then select the folder that you want to save it.

In this way, additional PC software can be installed without installing additional software on Mac PC.

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