games and sports, exercise, etc. Girl guide programmes are prepared with a view to making a good daughter, an ideal housewife and a worthy citizen. Girl Guides Association of Bangladesh implement the guide programmes through differant training centers and administrative branches situated in different parts of the country. Uniform: Cub Scouts, Scouts, Rover Scouts, Unit Leaders, Yellow Birds, Guides, Rangers and other certificate holder members use to wear a specific uniform. We can identify a scout by the uniform he wears and uses. Scout uniform should be of specific measurement and design. Every scout has to wear the uniform with badge and decoration approved by Bangladesh Scouts Association. Scout Uniform for boys :

  1. Cap: Navy blue in colour. 2. Shirt: Ash coloured shirt with half/full sleeve having two pockets. These
    pockets will have no covering. 3. Pant: Deep navy blue coloured straight cut, full pant having the lower
    border of 40-45 centimeter width. 4. Belt: Leather belt (black) or cloth belt (navy blue) with the sticker of
    Bangladesh Scout on it. 5. Shoe: Black in colour. 6. Socks: Socks matching with the pant. 7. Scarf: Scarf approved by the Thana Scout Association for one’s own unit. 8. Group Identity: White colour writing (screen print/embroidered) against
    an oval shaped green background.
  2. Rope: Rope measuring of 1-centimeter width and 2.75-meter length is
    made with thread/hemp/jute and hang down from the waist belt loop. 10. Nameplate: Deep blue coloured registration number along with the name
    embroidered against the background of light coloured cloth. The nameplate
    will be put on the covering of the right breast pocket. 11. The replica of National Flag: National flag replica is to wear above the
    nameplate. Scout Uniform for girls :
  3. Cap: Navy blue coloured cap. 2. Kamiz: Ash coloured long kamiz having the 2″ length beneath the knees
    and a deep navy blue cloth scarf. 3. Pyjama: Deep navy blue coloured shalwar/pyjama. 4. Belt: Leather belt (black) or cloth belt (navy blue) with the sticker of
    Bangladesh Scout. 5. Shoe: Black coloured shoe. 6. Socks: Socks match with pyjama. 7. Scarf: Scarf approved by Thana Scout Association for one’s own unit. 8. Group Identity: White coloured writing (screen print/embroidered) about
    the group with number against an oval shaped green background. This identity badge will be stitched at both hands of the kamiz. This will clearly
    identify the region of the girl guides. 9. Rope: Rope measuringl-centimeter in width and 2.75-meter in length is made
    with thread/hemp/. It hangs down from the waist belt loop. 10. Nameplate: Guides own nameplate made with cloth will be stitched at the right shoulder 12 cm. below. The nameplate will bear the registration number
    with deep blue colour against the background of light blue colour. 11. The replica of National Flag: The replica of National flag is to wear above
    the nameplate. Uniform of girl guide : 1) Kamiz : It will be white colored and long (having 2″ in length beneath the knees), full sleeve having two pockets with cover over the collar, 2) Belt : white 3) Pyjama : white shalwar 4) Orna : Bottie green 5) Tie : Bottle green 6) Shoe : White or Black 7) Socks: White 8) Hair ribbon: Black
    Care of uniform: 1. Proper care should be taken about the uniform. It must not be left here and there. 2. Uniform is to be preserved in a folded condition. 3. Uniform should always be kept neat and clean. The uniform where needs mending should be done as early as possible. The buttons of the uniform are to be fixed up rightly. 4. Shoes are to be cleaned and brushed as and when it is necessary. Use of uniform: Scarf: Scout scarf is an integral part of scout uniform. It is an equilateral triangle. made of cloth. The sides are usually of 75 centimeters in length. Scarf forms and designs may differ from one ‘unit to another. Scarf can only be used with the scout uniform. Usefulness of scarf: 1. Scarf can be used as a bandage in first aid. 2. Scarf works as a covering in the sun/rain. 3. Scarf can be used as a signal in time of danger. A few scarfs tied together can be used as a rope. Directions to use: A scarf is to hang over the two sides of the shoulder and it will go round the neck. It is to wear upon the collar of the shirt by fixing up the top button but not as a tie.
    Work-1: Explain the programmes and uniform of scouting and girl guiding. Work-2: Present the usefulness of scarf in poster paper. New Words: Camping : Stying together in a group at a place intent (Tent) to complete a
    program is called camping. Hiking : Hiking means purposeful travelling, when the scouts and girl
    guide proceed on foot to a goal by following the quidelines, it is called hiking.
    Lesson – 4: Six primary knots of rope: Each badge member needs to learn about six knots. Ropes can be made out of jute, hempen, coir, nylon, steel, iron, copper, etc. Usually jute and hempen made ao ropes are used. Six knots are described below:
    Scouting and Girl Guiding
  4. Reef Knot: A reef knot is formed by tying two thick ropes of the same length. The two ends of the rope will be held by the right and left hands and to be twined once. Then some portion of the right hand will be placed on the left hand portion and the right hand portion will go through the loop already made earlier. Thus the said two ends will be tightened slowly. The reef knot is now made. Reef knot is tightened by pulling the ends of the rope. This is the procedure of making a reef knot. It is used to tie the two

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